2. Yokoi is a master.




  5. Because I haven’t posted in a long ass time.


  6. floridasstraight6gang:


    Extremely saddened to hear the passing of @rip_arb. As he was working on his car one of the jacks gave up and the car unfortunately fell on top of him. We hear that he was a genuine car enthusiasts despite being so young (17 years of age), and that one of his dreams was for others to see the pride and joy he was working on. Let’s take a second and send his family our thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace @rip_arb, you will be missed. #stancenation

    Super sad time right now in the car scene. Please take a moment of silence for this guy.

    I don’t reblog cars often but this is pretty worthy of it.


  7. I got stupid today.




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