1. Really love this shot


  2. Les Catacombes, Paris

    (Source: samtrak, via angelxgoldstar)


  3. Nakamura rocking Megan Racing? Fanboys rejoice



  5. Wise words



  7. S T Y L E ★ U P


  8. Play-by-play of todays event….

    - Sit on grid for 15 mins because someone wrecked…

    - Balls out off the line….

    - Turbo blown

    - Turbo Really blown

    (not pictured)

    - So much smoke I thought my car was on fire

    - Get out of car faster than I ever have

    - Realize my cars no longer firing on all cylinders along with blown turbos… all in one run.




  10. The sticker in question.  Yes its ridiculous….  If you knew my friend you would understand.

    For all you fucksticks that told me to blur his info- if he cared about his info being posted it wouldn’t be plastered over instagram, facebook, etc.  Deal with it.

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